Debra (Debi) Rotter, Graphic Design and Account Manager

Debi Rotter has worn many hats during her working life. She has been an elementary school art teacher, a librarian, a newspaper manager, web-site creator, a set designer and an education coordinator. Now, she has integrated all this knowledge into a career in marketing and event production.

Ms. Rotter has worked with government entities and private businesses. She supervised the production and served as office manager of the Beach Digest, a South Florida newspaper. Currently she serves as the education coordinator for the Broward County Fair producing the student guide, leading the student programs and coordinating the rewards program. She also solicits and supervises more than 300 volunteers who serve the Fair with 2,500 unpaid man hours.

Debi is the account manager for a product launch at present. She is developing the advertising program, creating the celebrity spokesperson role, finding funding sources, and serving as a liaison to the company throughout the process.

Ms. Rotter is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a degree from the College of Fine Arts.

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