Technology is today’s marketing buzz word. Events, Etc... utilizes the newest technologies to further a client’s desires and promote their event, product or service. Computer applications, such as web-site composition or enhancement, internet sales, e-mail distribution and advertising are incorporated in a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve positive results. Remember, a strong on-line presence is a MUST in today's world.

Traditional Advertising is still the mainstay of any program. Events, Etc... is able to create, produce, and secure electronic commercials and print advertisements, within your budget.

Non-Traditional Advertising Vehicles may also be suggested. These innovative methods are often incorporated to increase audience share and to maximize budgets. They include outdoor billboards, bus signs, benches, visual presentations, live promotions, aerial banners and more.

The disciplines utilized are determined by the client's goals, the nature of the target audience and budgetary considerations.

Events, Etc... can produce efficient,
budget conscious package for any client.

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